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A big hello and welcome!  I’m Cari and this is my latest book news and reviews blog, combining books from a few select genres – see the menu in the sidebar.  The above collage shows some highlights.  I love a good thriller and page-turner or a book that can take me to another place or time.  Other times I want to learn about the real world and address the matters that face the world today.



Why I Don’t Have A Bookstagram

If I had a Bookstagram, all my photos would look like this because this my Kindle case, and since I switched from paperbacks to e-books many years ago I don’t have colored artwork to show off.

What’s more I don’t generally have time to take my Kindle to beautiful locations, and photos of my reading would feature as uninteresting scenes as a muted TV screen, the standard taps (faucets) of my bath, and the dashboard on my exercise bike, showing just how slow I’m cycling.

How about you folks? Where do you like to read? Feel free to drop a comment.

Zodiac Academy The Awakening by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

This book has been described as what Hogwarts might be like if it were run by Voldermort – and that’s a great way to describe it…(don’t worry, no spoilers)

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She Is Me, Too by T.M. Shivener

When I saw everyone raving about this book in a Facebook Group for Psychological Thrillers, I just had to see what all the fuss was about – and I wasn’t disappointed! The main character (or main 2 characters) suffers from multiple personality disorder (Don’t worry this review does not contain spoilers!)

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