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I’m Cari, and this is my latest book news and reviews blog, combining books from a few select genres – see the menu in the sidebar. The above collage shows some of the earlier highlights.

I love a good thriller and page-turner or a book that can take me to another place or time. And I’m also a sucker for a heady romance.

Other times I want to learn about the real world and discuss the matters that face the world today.

Please have a scroll through and see if anything catches your eye!

Raven’s Reckoning by Charlie Nottingham

Picture shows book cover for Raven’s Reckoning by Charlie Nottingham.

This is hands-down my favourite paranormal romance series of all time – and that’s after having read the Fallen series, the Mortal Instruments / Shadowhunter series and spin-offs, the Twilight series, some of the Vampire Diaries, some of the Zodiac Academy series, and some of the Dark Fae series.

To see my review on the first book of the series, please click on Raven’s Cry by Charlie Nottingham, and for my review on the second book in the series, please click on Raven’s Song By Charlie Nottingham

I recommend that you don’t read the rest of this review until you have read the previous two books in the series.

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Why You Should Switch To E-books

Picture shows the icon for the Kindle app.

For me, switching to e-books was a no-brainer…

I started to turn to e-books before Kindle was even a thing. You could store over a thousand books on an e-reader, and it fits in a handbag, so you need never be without something to read.

You don’t have to have messy book shelves overflowing with books of different sizes, taking up way to much space and generally making the place look untidy.

Not to mention how much cheaper they are to buy. Kindle e-books tend to cost at least 99 pence less than their paperback counterparts, and significantly less than hardbacks.

You can often get Kindle e-books for as little as £0.99 GBP once you know how to find them (more on this in later blog posts).

And you can often get e-books for free. First books in a series of books are often available dirt cheap to get readers hooked so they’ll buy the rest.

And you can often get advance copies of e-books to read in return for an honest review, through sites such as NetGalley.

Some people argue that e-books just don’t have the same smell of regular books. But I could never smell anything anyway.

You don’t even need to buy a dedicated e-reader for your e-books. You can read books on Android and iOS devices on their own platforms, or you can download the Kindle app free of charge on both platforms, or choose a different app, such as Moon+.

And these days e-readers are much better than they once were. Take the Kindle Paperwhite for example…

Whereas you might struggle to read an e-book in the sun on a regular tablet, the Kindle Paperweight features no glare whatsoever. While reading you will never be met with your reflection, and you can read away in the sun, just as you would with a paperback.

But, that doesn’t mean that you can only read it in good light. The Paperwhite lights up, and you can alter the brightness or dimness to suit your needs. And there’s even a dark mode, so you can read white lettering on a black background if you prefer to.

And that’s not all, you don’t have to worry as much about harmful blue light, because the blue light emitted by a Kindle is directed at the page itself and not at your eyes, making it easier to switch off when it’s time for bed.

The latest Kindle Paperwhites also happen to be waterproof, which is perfect for those who like to read in the bath, on the beach, or at the pool side.

And speaking of the beach and pool side, packing your books for a vacation is a breeze when you have a Kindle. A Kindle Paperwhite is lightweight, takes up hardly any space, and saves you having to agonize over which books to take with you.

You can also personalize your Kindle with a beautiful case of your own choosing which you can find readily available online on sites such as Amazon and eBay.

And there’s not exactly a shortage of e-books out there. There are e-books for every topic, theme, genre and trope. And all the latest authors ensure that their books are available as e-books.

So, in short, unless you’re more of a book collector than a book reader, then there’s no reason to stick with physical books, when e-books have so much more to offer.