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A big hello and welcome!  I’m Cari and this is my latest book news and reviews blog, combining books from a few select genres – see the menu in the sidebar.  The above collage shows some highlights.  I love a good thriller and page-turner or a book that can take me to another place or time.  Other times I want to learn about the real world and address the matters that face the world today.



Book Reviews Coming Soon

Hey there followers! Since I enjoyed my first Freida McFadden book so much, I decided I would read and review 2 more psychological thrillers from this bestselling author. And I’ll also be reviewing a steamy paranormal romance, the sequel to Raven’s Cry. Enjoy!

Upgrade by Blake Crouch

This sci-fi novel from one of my favourite authors is frighteningly realistic. It’s set several years in the future, where human gene editing is a regular but illegal occurrence, and there’s a sequence of events that put the future of humanity in the protagonist’s hands. (No spoilers)

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The Housemaid by Freida McFaddon

I chose this book because the author is particularly hot right now, and her books are frequently mentioned in the psychological thriller Facebook groups I’m a member of. This was my first book by the author and I wasn’t disappointed! (No spoilers). 

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My Darling Daughter by JP Delaney

I was super lucky to get an advanced copy of the latest book from JP Delaney – one of my favourite authors. And this book did not disappoint – it’s a page turner!

Here’s what it’s about (don’t worry – no spoilers)

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