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A big hello and welcome!

I’m Cari, and this is my latest book news and reviews blog, combining books from a few select genres – see the menu in the sidebar. The above collage shows some of the earlier highlights.

I love a good thriller and page-turner or a book that can take me to another place or time. And I’m also a sucker for a heady romance.

Other times I want to learn about the real world and discuss the matters that face the world today.

Please have a scroll through and see if anything catches your eye!

Free Sample Marathon

In a change to the usual routine, rather than posting a book review on Saturday, I will be posting the results of my Free Sample Marathon, where I read as many Kindle Free Samples as I have time for beforehand, and I give each one a rating out of 5, complete with a verdict on whether I feel it’s worth buying the whole thing.

If you want to know more on my take on judging a book by its free sample, why not check out my previous blog post on the subject: Judge By Free Sample?

The free samples to be reviewed will belong to a mix of genres and will be chosen at random.

Be sure to keep a look out!

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

This book reminded me why I usually stay away from this genre! I had read another book by this author (the thriller Verity) and I could see this author growing in popularity. I Googled which one of her books is the most spicy (don’t judge) and it was this one. But here’s why I’m in no rush to read any more Colleen Hoover. (Don’t worry – no spoilers.)

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Strange Sally Diamond by Liz Nungent

Looking at the bright colours on the cover, the book’s title, and the synopsis, I thought this book was going to be funny and quirky, much like the book “The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time” by Mark Haddon. But it turned out to be the darkest, most disturbing book I’ve ever read. (Or at least read all the way through.) Don’t worry – no spoilers!

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Spare by Prince Harry

Spare by Prince Harry was one of the most sought after books in early 2023, and rightly so, given his status as a UK royal, and the centre of much recent royal controversy.

His biography is very revealing, and there’s just as much to be said about what he did say, as what he didn’t say.

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Book Reviews Coming Up This Month

Hey everybody!

There’s a great line ready for the remainder of March. This will begin with one of the most widely sold books of 2023, the biography of Prince Harry.

Then we have the tale of Strange Sally who causes a fuss after she put her father’s remains in the incinerator, following his instructions.

And last but not least we have a romance novel from best selling author Colleen Hoover. Here’s a quote from the synopsis: “Hearts get infiltrated. Promises get broken. Rules get shattered. Love gets ugly.”

Stay tuned!