Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

This book reminded me why I usually stay away from this genre! I had read another book by this author (the thriller Verity) and I could see this author growing in popularity. I Googled which one of her books is the most spicy (don’t judge) and it was this one. But here’s why I’m in no rush to read any more Colleen Hoover. (Don’t worry – no spoilers.)

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Strange Sally Diamond by Liz Nungent

Looking at the bright colours on the cover, the book’s title, and the synopsis, I thought this book was going to be funny and quirky, much like the book “The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time” by Mark Haddon. But it turned out to be the darkest, most disturbing book I’ve ever read. (Or at least read all the way through.) Don’t worry – no spoilers!

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Spare by Prince Harry

Spare by Prince Harry was one of the most sought after books in early 2023, and rightly so, given his status as a UK royal, and the centre of much recent royal controversy.

His biography is very revealing, and there’s just as much to be said about what he did say, as what he didn’t say.

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Price We Pay For Google By Peter Olsthoorn

Google is the Silver Back of all search engines. Its efficiency and the query results provided surpassed those of all the other search engines around at the time when it came into the fore. And 20 years later it is still THE go-to search engine for the large majority of web users..

So I saw this as quite the provocative book title. I use Google every single day, and I use it quite heavily for my work, as do countless others across the globe. But is there a cost to this free service that we’ve simply ignored?

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Raven’s Reckoning by Charlie Nottingham

Picture shows book cover for Raven’s Reckoning by Charlie Nottingham.

This is hands-down my favourite paranormal romance series of all time – and that’s after having read the Fallen series, the Mortal Instruments / Shadowhunter series and spin-offs, the Twilight series, some of the Vampire Diaries, some of the Zodiac Academy series, and some of the Dark Fae series.

To see my review on the first book of the series, please click on Raven’s Cry by Charlie Nottingham, and for my review on the second book in the series, please click on Raven’s Song By Charlie Nottingham

I recommend that you don’t read the rest of this review until you have read the previous two books in the series.

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Ask Natalie by Natasha Boydell

Journalist Natalie comes into the office one day to find everyone staring at her, and gets called into the boss’s office, where police are waiting to speak to her. It transpires that her former love has suddenly disappeared without a trace, leaving only a small note reading “Ask Natalie”.

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