Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

This book reminded me why I usually stay away from this genre! I had read another book by this author (the thriller Verity) and I could see this author growing in popularity. I Googled which one of her books is the most spicy (don’t judge) and it was this one. But here’s why I’m in no rush to read any more Colleen Hoover. (Don’t worry – no spoilers.)

Ok, so the story follows nurse Tate as she temporarily moves in with her brother. The day she moves in there’s some loser lying devastated and drunk and saying some girl’s name (Rachel), blocking her from the apartment. But she manages to get in and he falls inside.

It turns out this guy is one of Tate’s brother’s friends, Miles, who lives in the same building. A series of interactions proceeds, and once Tate sees Miles’ abs and discovers he’s a pilot, she is falling in love.

Miles isn’t looking for love and Tate doesn’t have the time anyway, so they make an arrangement where they can satisfy their attraction to one another but without having an official romantic relationship.

As Tate’s feelings grow, she gets increasingly hurt by Miles’ repeated rejection.

At the same time the story flits back and forth to the past, and this time from Mile’s point of view. And it is in these sections where we eventually discover why Miles isn’t interested in falling in love with Tate.

I’m going to be honest, I had high hopes for this novel. It’s a bestseller and I was told I’d be in for a rollercoaster of a ride. But honestly, I had guessed why Miles was the way he was, which explains why I hadn’t been as moved by the story as I might have been.

I also found the story way too soppy. I thought the poetry in Miles’ sections was cute at first, but it was way over-the-top. And although the similarities in the writing in this section and in Tate’s section were probably deliberate for a fuller effect, I just found this overkill, and it didn’t do enough to differentiate between the two characters.

But I’m not going to tar all of Colleen Hoover’s books with the same brush. I genuinely enjoyed Verity, and I’m considering reading Layla, but after this, I’m in no rush.


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