The Last Straw by Ed Duncan.

Rating 8/10

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When I read the synopsis for this book, I thought “Aah, here’s a story with some oomph!”  The book starts with the line “Perry Mason unzipped his pants…” and I thought “I didn’t think it was that sort of a book!”  There were no erotic scenes though, but there was drama and violence aplenty! Continue reading The Last Straw by Ed Duncan.

Book App/Site of the Fortnight – Bloodhound Books.

Bloodhound Books is an Indie publisher, specializing in thrillers, chillers, mystery, and crime.  If this is your genre, you’re bound to find something you like with them!  They often have special deals, and any book that takes your fancy can be downloaded straight to your Kindle (or Kindle app).  If you want to keep in the loop about their new releases, simply head over to the sign-up section of their Facebook page, Bloodhound Books Sign-Up, and a take a minute to sign up.  Alternatively, simply like and follow on Facebook.