Hi everyone, it’s come time to fill you in. The two projects in progress are a full length retelling of The Phantom of the Opera (my daughter got me into it – she’s obsessed!), and a new blog centred around neuroscience, featuring book reviews, course reviews, and jobs in neuroscience. The neuroscience blog is already launched and can be found at brocasneuroknowhow.com. Hope to see you there! If you want to keep following my other book reviews they will show up here from time to time, or you can catch them on Goodreads under Cari Mayhew. Chow for now!

All About Goodreads.com


Goodreads.com is the ultimate book lovers’ website!  It is a social book cataloguing website that allows users to search its database of books and book reviews.

Once you sign up, which you can do via Facebook or Amazon, you can mark your favourite books as books you have read, and receive recommendations based on them.

You can take a peek at what your friends are reading, and read reviews on books that catch your eye.  Continue reading All About Goodreads.com