Price We Pay For Google By Peter Olsthoorn

Google is the Silver Back of all search engines. Its efficiency and the query results provided surpassed those of all the other search engines around at the time when it came into the fore. And 20 years later it is still THE go-to search engine for the large majority of web users..

So I saw this as quite the provocative book title. I use Google every single day, and I use it quite heavily for my work, as do countless others across the globe. But is there a cost to this free service that we’ve simply ignored?

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Why You Don’t Have To Wait Forever For Your Favourite Author To Publish Their Next Book

Image shows logo for NetGalley.

If you just can’t wait to get your hands on the next book from your favourite author, the good news is that you not have to…

If you sign up to NetGalley, you can access ebooks and audiobooks before their official release date. And there are loads to choose from in most genres.

All that’s asked of you in return is to submit feedback on the book to the publisher, and occasionally share your review elsewhere besides, such as on Amazon and Goodreads.

Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be an essay, just three sentences is often enough.

Everyone who signs up to review NetGalley books has their own profile, which you can use to get publishers to give you early access to their books.

This profile features a ratio shown as a percentage of the number of early releases you’ve been approved for against the number that you’ve actually reviewed.

The higher this percentage, the more likely you are to be given early access. NetGalley recommends reviewers to have a ratio of at least 80%, but if your percentage is low, that doesn’t always mean you’ll be denied access.

NetGalley also has lots of titles in its “Read Now” section, where you can download ebooks and audiobooks no questions asked.

NetGalley is fun and easy to use, and it’s where I source many of the books I review on this blog

You can find it on and