Book Reviews Coming Soon

Hey there followers! Since I enjoyed my first Freida McFadden book so much, I decided I would read and review 2 more psychological thrillers from this bestselling author. And I’ll also be reviewing a steamy paranormal romance, the sequel to Raven’s Cry. Enjoy!

The Housemaid by Freida McFaddon

I chose this book because the author is particularly hot right now, and her books are frequently mentioned in the psychological thriller Facebook groups I’m a member of. This was my first book by the author and I wasn’t disappointed! (No spoilers). 

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My Darling Daughter by JP Delaney

I was super lucky to get an advanced copy of the latest book from JP Delaney – one of my favourite authors. And this book did not disappoint – it’s a page turner!

Here’s what it’s about (don’t worry – no spoilers)

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Book Reviews Coming Soon!

Hey folks, we’ve got a great mix of genres coming up! Do you ever wonder why misogyny still exists in 2022? That’s why I’m reading Sieghart’s book The Authority Gap. This is followed by a psychological thriller where the main character has multiple personality disorder. And then there’s the one “If Voldermort run Hogwarts you’d get the Zodiac Academy” which is also an over 18 dark romance! Stay tuned!