Free & Cheap E-books.

HI folks! If you’re anything like me, you love to read e-books and pay next to nothing for them!  Here I’ve repeated a post from one of my previous book blogs about 3 ways to get free and cheap e-books.

  1. Freebooksy is a great website, where you can either search or browse for free e-books, or get email alerts, alerting you to the latest e-books available for free in your favorite genres.  It’s quick and easy to register for email alerts for books in your favorite genres – you just tell them what device you read from, what your favorite genres are, and whether you want to receive the emails daily or weekly.  Here you are also given the option to sign up for alerts on heavily discounted e-books.

Just about all of the e-books on are available for the Kindle, but several of them are also available for the Apple iBooks, Nook, or Kobo.

  1. Bookbub

Like Freebooksy, Bookbub sends you email alerts for e-books in your favorite genres.  Bookbub will send you recommendations for a mix of free and heavily discounted books.  Bookbub offers are available for Kindle, Apple iBooks, and Google Play.

  1. Direct from Amazon

Amazon has deals on for Kindle books every single day.  If you shop by department and then go to Kindle e-readers and books, then Kindle books, you will find sections such as: Kindle deals, and Kindle daily deals.

Another way to get free or cheap e-books from Amazon, is simply to search by a keyword, and sort the results to get the cheapest at the top.  You’ll be surprised how many free or cheap books you can find this way!

The only caveat about free e-books is that sometimes when a book is advertised as free, it is sometimes the first in a series of books, and has a cliff-hanger ending, prompting you to spend on the second in the series.  But that isn’t always a bad thing!  Happy reading!