2 Books Not to Read

Hi folks. I’m running a little behind on my book reviews as 2 of the books I have been reading, I decided not to finish.

I had started reading A Game of Thrones, being a big fan of the TV series.  They often say that there’s more depth to a book than a series or film – but I found that wasn’t the case in this instance.  Also the first book is incredibly long, and it felt futile to spend so much time on a book when I already knew the plot.

The other book I was reading was 100 Mistakes That Changed History.  Although I was impressed with the scope of the book, and liked how well each mistake was summarized, much of what I read was occurred too long ago and far away to have any real effect on my perception of how the mistakes led  to our current world being as it is.  Also there was too much focus on battle strategies, which held no interest for me whatsoever.

The good news is I have some much more promising titles lined up to review soon.  Chow for now, Cari.