Book Reviews Coming Soon

Hi Folks – stay tuned for the next batch of book reviews!  We’ve got 2 new releases, including a tense YA dystopian novel, Rule of One, and a rather eccentric historical fiction novel, The Corset.  The third book review is of a particularly one-sided view of the portrayal of the Christian God in the Bible.

Book App/Site of the Fortnight – Fiction Express

Let me introduce Fiction Express – it’s a great way to keep kids interested in reading!  Every half-term the first chapter of a new book is made available, the children get to vote on what happens next in the story! The following week, the most popular plot-line is published for the children to read.  There are also quizzes and activities, and the chance to talk to the author online!

You can sign up at and there’s a free trial available.  There are 3 reading levels: ages 6+, 8+, and 10+.  Have fun!

Flash Back!

In today’s blog post, we step back in time! Who remembers any of these?  I’m sure no one could forget Roald Dahl’s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!  I think I read all of Roald Dahl’s children’s books, and I must have had almost the complete collection of the Point Horror series.  I also remember enjoying Adrian Mole’s diary while eating breakfast in the mornings.  What books do you remember from yesteryear – drop a comment with your favourite/s!

A Little Less than Love? By Carys Smith.


Book Review by Cari Mayhew.  Rating 5/10.



Warning – this is not a feel-good book!  And, to be honest, almost every single character got on my nerves!  It’s a book about relationships and has several different themes regarding relationships. Continue reading A Little Less than Love? By Carys Smith.

Book App/Site of the Fortnight – Richard and Judy Book Club.

Looking for book recommendations? Check out Richard and Judy Book Club – they recommend about at least 6 books per season and they all available in WHSmith UK stores, on the Kobo app, and on Amazon.  They select books across several genres, so there’s something for everybody.  You can sign up for their newsletter, or follow their blog on  You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

On the blog, when you click on a book cover to find out more, you are taken to a new page, with Richard’s review of the book, followed by Judy’s review.  Neither review contains spoilers.  There are other great gems on the blog too – such as interviews with authors where they discuss things like deleted chapters and alternative endings!