Book Reviews Coming Soon

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Hello folks – here’s what’s coming soon on Book Blog by Cari!  We have Jon Ronson’s bestseller, The Psychopath Test, which is a non-fiction romp through the “madness industry”.  There’s also A Little Less Than Love by Carys Smith – a book about complex relationships.  And finally, there’s A Whole New World by Liz Braswell – the first in a series of books telling darker versions of the well-known Disney films, starting with Aladdin!  Stay tuned!

Modern Books I’d Read Again

Sometimes, you enjoy a book so much, you would happily read it again – here are 3 books I would definitely read again!  There’s the Twilight series – the epic tale of love and “vegetarian” vampires, inclusive of action and drama, and an engrossing love triangle.  There’s The Zahir by the Paulo Coelho (author of The Alchemist) which will have you deeply reflecting on aspects of your own life.  And I really enjoyed The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time – a tale told from the unique perspective of a lad with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Do you have books you would read again?  If so, give it a mention in the comments!