The Last Straw by Ed Duncan.


and When I read the synopsis for this book, I thought “Aah, here’s a story with some oomph!”  The book starts with the line “Perry Mason unzipped his pants…” and I thought “I didn’t think it was that sort of a book!”  There were no erotic scenes though, but there was drama and violence aplenty! Continue reading The Last Straw by Ed Duncan.

Too Close by Natalie Daniels.

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I love thrillers – but I chose this one because I thought it would start out all light-hearted, heart-warming and fluffy.  And it was a tale that included friendship, but the friendship the book is really about is not the one you’d expect. Continue reading Too Close by Natalie Daniels.

The Dark World by Zak Bagans.


Book Review by Cari Mayhew.  Rating 8/10.

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In The Dark World, Zak Bagans talks about his ghostly encounters, as the lead investigator for the documentary series Ghost Adventures!  As one of the more seasoned and experienced professionals in the field, Zak has had some pretty crazy experiences!  They cover the entire spectrum of ghost hunting phenomena, from seeing full body apparitions, to having his butt pinched by a spirit, LOL! Continue reading The Dark World by Zak Bagans.