Book Reviews Coming Up This Month

Hey everybody!

There’s a great line ready for the remainder of March. This will begin with one of the most widely sold books of 2023, the biography of Prince Harry.

Then we have the tale of Strange Sally who causes a fuss after she put her father’s remains in the incinerator, following his instructions.

And last but not least we have a romance novel from best selling author Colleen Hoover. Here’s a quote from the synopsis: “Hearts get infiltrated. Promises get broken. Rules get shattered. Love gets ugly.”

Stay tuned!

Book Reviews Coming Next

Picture shows collage of 3 books, namely Planned Obsolescence by Lorin Brandon, The Price We Pay For Google by Peter Olsthoorn, and The Marriage Act by John Marrs

Hey everybody, here are the next few books to be reviewed on the blog…

There’s Planned Obsolescence, where a para-archeologist examines a strange artifact with serious implications.

Then there’s some non-fiction where journalist Peter Olsthoorn examines how Google’s ‘free’ services are being paid for with information on our browsing behaviour.

And thirdly, we’ve got a dystopia by best selling author John Marrs, set in the near future, where couples are encouraged to upgrade to smart-marriages, and what this can mean for society

You may have noticed that this is a departure from what was previously scheduled. This is because I have accepted several advance reader copies to read and review and I need to get as many done before their deadlines as possible.

If you were looking forward to any of the reviews or articles that I said will be coming in 2023, please bear with me, I do intend to get to them.

For the rest of this month, book reviews will be every Saturday.

First Book Reviews Coming In 2023

Picture shows the covers of the following books: Liars Anonymous by Marissa Finch, Raven's Reckoning by Charlie Nottingham, and The Perils Of Perception

Hey everyone…

There are some great books being reviewed on the blog this coming January!

There’s a psychological thriller that doubles as a murder-mystery where all the characters are known liars.

There’s an intense paranormal reverse harem romance,

And a non-fiction book that throws light on how our perceptions of what’s going on in the world are more or less wrong, and also goes on to explain on why that might be.

My book reviews are posted on the blog every other Saturday, with other articles on the remaining Saturdays.

Book Reviews Coming Soon!

Hey folks, here’s a quick introduction to the next few books to be reviewed on the blog…

First, there’s The Imposter, the gritty crime drama where a murderer takes on the identity of those he kills. Then there’s The Patient’s List, where a supposedly mute mental health patient tells of a list of people to be murdered. And finally, there’s the story of how journalist Natalie goes after the story of the missing persons case of her first love. Stay tuned!

Book Reviews Coming Soon

Hi folks – check out what book reviews are coming soon the blog!

First there’s a tale following the exploits of Charlie when she takes a job
as a secretary at the exclusive Salacious Players club…

Then we have the thriller Intruder, where a disgruntled ex-employee seeks deadly revenge on his employers. 

And finally, there’s another best seller from my current favorite author, Frieda McFadden, concerning a murdered psychotherapist and a creepy house viewing gone wrong.

Stay tuned!

Book Reviews Coming Soon

Hi folks! Here’s what spoiler-free book reviews we’ve got coming up in the next few weeks for the blog. There’s a dystopia where identical twin sisters find themselves on opposite sides of a class war. Then there’s a twisty psychological thriller from my new favourite author, Frieda McFadden, and finally some non-fiction, discussing what makes some people take a risk where others won’t. Stay tuned!

Book Reviews Coming Soon!

Hey folks, we’ve got a great mix of genres coming up! Do you ever wonder why misogyny still exists in 2022? That’s why I’m reading Sieghart’s book The Authority Gap. This is followed by a psychological thriller where the main character has multiple personality disorder. And then there’s the one “If Voldermort run Hogwarts you’d get the Zodiac Academy” which is also an over 18 dark romance! Stay tuned!