Book Reviews Coming Soon

Hi Folks – stay tuned for the next batch of book reviews!  We’ve got 2 new releases, including a tense YA dystopian novel, Rule of One, and a rather eccentric historical fiction novel, The Corset.  The third book review is of a particularly one-sided view of the portrayal of the Christian God in the Bible.

Book Reviews Coming Soon

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Hello folks – here’s what’s coming soon on Book Blog by Cari!  We have Jon Ronson’s bestseller, The Psychopath Test, which is a non-fiction romp through the “madness industry”.  There’s also A Little Less Than Love by Carys Smith – a book about complex relationships.  And finally, there’s A Whole New World by Liz Braswell – the first in a series of books telling darker versions of the well-known Disney films, starting with Aladdin!  Stay tuned!

Book App/Site of the Fortnight – Dead Good

Are you a fan of killer crime and drama?  Look no further than DeadGood!  Signing up to DeadGood’s newsletter is a great way to keep informed of the best of the latest crime and thrillers out.  With all their bestsellers, and great-deal offers, there’s plenty to discover for crime and thriller fans!  I discovered DeadGood on Facebook, but in addition to their own site, you can also follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Primates of Park Avenue By Wednesday Martin

Book review by Cari Mayhew.  Rating 4/10

Part biography, part anthropological commentary, in her book Martin describes her life in the most wealthy and affluent part of New York – Upper East Side Manhattan.  Although she grew up in Manhattan herself, Martin finds herself thrust into a new way of life and with a new series of woes. Continue reading Primates of Park Avenue By Wednesday Martin