The Intruder by Daniel Hurst

I wish I had been a beta tester for this book rather than a reviewer. That way, I would have been able to provide constructive feedback. The rest of this review contains spoilers to explain why…







This book was way too predictable. In fact the first 50% of the book was incredibly predictable.

The book begins with a disgruntled ex-employee cornering the wealthy couple he used to work for. He had been falsely accused of sexual harassment, and it transpires that the actual culprit of this harassment is the husband, which is why he gets the intruder to drive them somewhere deserted and kills the intruder in cold blood while his wife is handcuffed and locked in the trunk of the car.

The reason he was so at ease with this murder is because he has done it before, he had killed the woman who he had sexually harassed when the pay-off had started to lose its appeal and not be enough to keep her quiet.

Early in the book, the husband had joked that if he was going to kill his wife, he would poison her utilising her apparent peanut allergy. And this was a remark that stuck with me.

When the wife begins to suspect her husband has been lying to her, the husband finds out and decides to take drastic measures (yes, you guessed it).

However, what really made the ending so predictable was how the wife was depicted earlier in the tome. She’s a meticulous control freak who doesn’t miss a trick.

I also found the husband character unrealistic and wooden, and his lying should really have been noticeable to his wife well before crunch time, considering they not only live together but work together too.

That said it was a very readable book and reading it was a nice way to kill a bit of time. However, this is not a book I’d recommend and I will not be reading anything by this author again.

Review from Cari Mayhew

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