Upgrade by Blake Crouch

This sci-fi novel from one of my favourite authors is frighteningly realistic. It’s set several years in the future, where human gene editing is a regular but illegal occurrence, and there’s a sequence of events that put the future of humanity in the protagonist’s hands. (No spoilers)

Protagonist Logan is uniquely positioned as both the child of an infamous genome editing scientist, and also a cop for the government’s Gene Protection Agency.

His work takes him to a strange location, where he gets struck by what is to all intents and purposes a gene editing bomb that effectively gives his entire body and mind a complete upgrade.

As time progresses, Logan gets locked up for observation. Soon after he has more to be concerned about than an illegal genetic upgrade. He may be on the run, but that ‘s the least of his problems.

Together with the person who broke him out of the facility, he learns of a dangerous plan to unleash a gene editing virus on humanity.

Logan lets his wife and daughter believe he has been killed so that he can pursue his mission to save humanity.

After this point there are a great many action scenes as well as dramatic betrayals. The action scenes are taut, and most of them involve bullets.

And because it’s set in the future, much of the story takes place in a Venice-like New York city.

When Logan receives his upgrade, the vocabulary of the tome becomes more complex, which adds to the effect of the character becoming more intelligent as a result of his upgrade.

I found the book very thought provoking, since the protagonist has to deal with a dilemma about whether humanity should be driven by the “engines of reason” rather than of sentiment.

The story had a surprising yet satisfying ending.

I felt that a key detail was missing at the end, although this may have been implied, and I just failed to read between the lines.

All in all, this book was quite an adventure.

I was approved for an ARC copy of this book but by the time it came through, so did my pre-order , but I figured I’d write a review anyway for the blog.

Book Review from Cari Mayhew

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