The Housemaid by Freida McFaddon

I chose this book because the author is particularly hot right now, and her books are frequently mentioned in the psychological thriller Facebook groups I’m a member of. This was my first book by the author and I wasn’t disappointed! (No spoilers). 

The story starts with Millie, a hard up young lady who has found herself jobless, living in her car, and with a criminal record. 

Then as luck would have it she lands her dream job as a live in housemaid with a nice family. 

But alas her time there is not as dreamy as she had imagined. There’s a creepy daughter, and she has to live in a creepy attic bedroom with a lock only on the outside. And the mother Nina is horrible to work for, deliberately making a mess, and basically being a b*tch.

What’s more, there are rumours (and a little evidence) that Nina is certified insane.

Mille starts to fall for the man of the house, and the feeling is mutual. 

There is a big twist in the tale as Part 1 ends and Part 2 begins.

Part 2 is largely written from Nina’s POV, and is about events that went on before Mille was on the scene that threw an entirely new light on things. 

But – the twists certainly don’t end there!

This is no longer a cosy read, and bad things are afoot. Events move rapidly and there is a murder.

And just when you think the story must be reaching its conclusion, the twists keep on coming!

The author leaves things open for a sequel, which I believe is already lined up, and I for one will definitely be reading it!


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