She Is Me, Too by T.M. Shivener

When I saw everyone raving about this book in a Facebook Group for Psychological Thrillers, I just had to see what all the fuss was about – and I wasn’t disappointed! The main character (or main 2 characters) suffers from multiple personality disorder (Don’t worry this review does not contain spoilers!)

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This book is told from two POVs, but each of these POVs is a separate and distinct personality of the main character. They have dramatically contrasting personalities – Winnifred is very prim and proper, while Winnie is more courageous and impulsive. Winnie knows about Winnifred, and sees Winnifred as the dominant personality, but Winnifred has no clue that Winnie even exists.

There are two love interests in this story, one each for both of these personalities. One seems to be a regular Joe, and the other gives off demanding 50-shades vibes. There are some sex scenes thrown into this mix, with Winnifred’s exploits known to Winne, but not the other way around. These weren’t to my taste, but hey, each to their own.

But while there’s enough going on the novel with just that, there’s also another intriguing plot line simmering away gently, too. Winnifred runs a podcast on true crime with her friend Trista, and there have been a string of murders in the local area. And when you consider that Winnie’s love interest, a man with a tattoo of a thorn without a rose, is the local funeral director that is unavailable for significant periods of time, things do seem suspicious, especially when certain facts about the cases come to light.

There were certainly some dramatic twists in the book. There was one which I saw coming (there were too many clues not to see it), but the one that comes at the end takes things to a whole other level, first with the arrest of a main character, and again later in the epilogue.

This is the only book I’ve read of this kind, so it felt incredibly original, and I loved the novelty value. I would definitely recommend it!

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