Deadly Diagnosis by Mairi Chong

Ok, so, let me start by saying this is not my usual genre. I usually read fast paced thrillers, but despite the change of tone, I was hooked to the end!

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For me the novel epitomizes the “cosy” mystery. Sure there was murder and mayhem, but the scenes were predominantly set in commonly frequented places such as a doctors surgery and a charity shop, which gave it the relaxed feel I was looking for in my read to destress.

To be honest I had trouble seeing anyone’s motive for murder, so I wasn’t spending the whole book trying to work out who did it. And I sometimes wondered if I had missed out sections of the story.

Toward the end there was a Poirot-like setting where all the suspects were gathered around together and the full story panned out, which was very satisfying.

You don’t need to read the first novel in the series to enjoy and understand this novel.

I would be interested in reading the third novel in the series because it would be interesting to see how certain other things pan out.

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