Without Expiration: A Personal Anthology by William R. Hincy

Credit where credit’s due, the writing in this anthology is exquisite, poetic even. I would compare it to the writings of Sylvia Plath.

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The unifying theme is about the human tendency to hold onto things long after its absolutely necessary, and how stubbornly we often hold onto things, even when they no longer serve us as they once did.

Yet each individual story has its own individual themes also. (I won’t go into them all because I don’t to spoil the surprise for anyone.) The tome covers just about every aspect of the human condition.

As each short story progresses, the context of the themes seems to change greatly, but gradually, just as how I’d imagine the earth’s tectonic plates might move. The ground beneath your feet at the beginning of each story leaves you somewhere completely different by the end.

These stories have a real grit to them and are very original. I was invested in the outcome of every character.

The story titled “A study in discontinuity” was particularly cleverly written. And I thought that the stories couldn’t get much stranger after the one titled “A thousand counted and uncounted debts”, but then came an even stranger story in “Amen”.

I was perpetually entertained and would definitely read from this author again.

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