Pulse by B.A.Bellec

What a whirlwind of a book! So many characters and sub plots, and so much going on…. (don’t worry there are never spoilers in my reviews)

It’s set in 2040, where a huge corporations has basically taken over the lives of just about everyone on the planet, and there’s a big scheme to take them down during their biggest ever event. And while that is a story in and of itself, there’s a whole lot more going on…

It’s an excellent piece of escapism, with strange creatures and people who can walk through walls. But while I found the plot unrealistic (thankfully!) the characters themselves were very believable and relatable.

The action scenes were visceral, and they really draw you in. And some of these action scenes are like something out of the Matrix, which convinced me that this book would do well as a movie series.

And speaking of series, this is the first in a line of books. I don’t always go on to read the second book in a series, but on this occasion, I 100% am! 

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