Everything is Lies by Helen Callaghan.


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Book review by Cari Mayhew.


Death, manipulation, and deception are the foremost themes in this suspense-thriller!  Sophie arrives at her childhood home to find her mum dead, hanging from a tree, and her father stabbed to inches of his life on the floor.


Before she has time to grieve, Sophie discovers that her mum, Nina, was writing a memoir and had a publication deal.  Sophie finds two of her mother’s notebooks, and another life is revealed where Nina had been seduced into a controlling cult.


The book is aimed at Sophie and begins with “Everything is Lies, and nobody is who they seem”. Sophie uncovers her mother’s secrets slowly, page by page.  When a death is hinted at, Sophie is determined to find out more.


When she can’t find the third and final notebook, Sophie tries to contact people referred to in the book, and soon finds herself in danger.  She even decides to meet the cult leader, where a monumental revelation is made to her.  (No spoilers!)


During the course of events, there’s an attempted break-in and an attempt made on Sophie’s life!  Just when all seems revealed, there is more action to follow!  (No spoilers!)


I don’t normally find thrillers predictable, but this time I’m sorry to say I did.  Not all of it, but enough so that most of it was no surprise, but not enough to ruin the book for me.  I also felt that the author was needlessly showing off her vocabulary when more well-known words would have been more effective.  Rating 5/10.

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