All About is the ultimate book lovers’ website!  It is a social book cataloguing website that allows users to search its database of books and book reviews.

Once you sign up, which you can do via Facebook or Amazon, you can mark your favourite books as books you have read, and receive recommendations based on them.

You can take a peek at what your friends are reading, and read reviews on books that catch your eye. 

You can create digital shelves of books, the site providing default bookshelves – read, currently-reading, and to-read; but you can also create customized shelves to categorize your books, by adding tags.

In addition, there are book lists, free giveaways, author interviews, author profile pages, and a regular newsletter drawn up according to what’s new in your favourite genres.

If you’re a long term Amazon user, you can kick start you’re “read” shelf by importing a list of your Amazon book purchases, and going from there.

The website is also available as an App on both iPhone and Android, and is totally free!

Here’s a little Goodreads lingo for you:

TBR – To Be Read list, or To Be Read shelf

ARC – Advance Readers Copy – a copy of a book sent to a book reviewer before a book is formerly published or promoted

DNF – Did Not Finish – the acronym to use if a book is so annoying or irritating that the reader didn’t bother to finish it

To follow me on Goodreads, simply search for my name, Cari Mayhew, and look for my logo.

The link for Goodreads is as follows:

Happy browsing!


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