The Fallen Series by Lauren Kate.

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I did say I wasn’t going to review the whole of the Fallen Series as I was afraid of giving away too many spoilers, but I took the time to read the 4 books, so I thought I might as well write a few words on it.


For my full review on the first book of series, click.  What I will say for the other books is that each book has a different feel to it.  The second one was particularly light hearted and deliberately comical, and the third one takes the reader to Lucy’s numerous past lives all around the world, loving Daniel in all his guises.  By the forth book magical realism had become absurdity, but if you can dispense your beliefs, you may still enjoy the book.


On finishing what I had thought was the final book in the series, I later found out that 2 other books had been published from the same author set in the Fallen world.  One focusing on Daniel’s love rival Cam, and how he came to choose to join with Lucifer, and another book composed of short love stories between other characters in the series.


I may get to these extra books at some point, but for now, I’m ready for a change of genre!

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