The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris.

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I would prefer to be saying this book is a beautiful love story, but above all else, this book is a horror story, depicting one person’s actual experience as a prisoner and worker in Auschwitz.  It is important that books like this are written so that similar tales need never be told again – it is a warning.

In order to put this novel together, author Heather Morris interviewed Lale several times about his experience at Auschwitz.  This is a true story in which Lale found love with another prisoner during the 2nd World War holocaust.  I don’t want to give away any of the story here, as I believe it is better heard directly from the author in the book.

I believe the author was aiming to guide the reader gradually into the horrors of what was going on, with phrases like “prisoners mingled with those from other blocks, enjoying the sun”.

Lale shared in, and gave, any little ray of sunshine he could in such desperate and unnatural circumstances.  And it is indeed a moving and powerful love story.  But the prisoners there endured far, far more than anyone should have to.  Some parts of the story will likely make you sick to your stomach.  Having said that, it was probably heavily edited in some places to make it more palatable.

You should read this book to gain insight into what people like Lale have had to go through.  It’s a relatively short read too and readily available at the time of writing in both supermarkets and book stores.

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