Bad Billionaire by Julie Kriss.


Book Review by Cari Mayhew.  Rating 7/10.

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This book offers an adult romance with a dramatic backstory! 


After reading the darkly gothic book The Corset, I was ready for some nice light reading – something modern with a feel-good factor – and that’s exactly what I got!


The storytelling is split between 2 protagonists, Olivia and bad boy Devon Wilder.  They are neighbours who have eyed each other from afar.  Then one day Devon offers Olivia a lift home, and it all goes on from there.  Devon is deliciously dangerous next to ordinary Olivia, he’s a loner with a tendency to get into trouble.


Early in the story Devon gets caught as a getaway driver and is sent to prison, and it’s towards the end of his sentence that he’s informed that he’s come into a large inheritance.  And that makes him more interesting to the crowd that used to get him into trouble.


Despite there being 2 narrators, the book is most definitely aimed at straight women, as all the adult scenes are from Olivia’s standpoint.


I found the characters and story believable.


It has its differences with 50 Shades of Grey – Devon is no gentleman for a start.  The tension is there but the drama takes a different route.


I chose this book for its brevity, but the problem with its book is its brevity – I’m sure the author could have thrown a few more adult scenes in there, or maybe combined some of the story from the sequel in with this book.


Unlike most first books in a series, it doesn’t end in a cliffhanger; and it turns out the next book focuses on different characters.  I may read the sequel one day, but I’m not in a rush.


Admittedly a lot of book is cliché, but I found it very likable.  I would recommend it, but for the target audience only.

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