The Rule of One by Ashley Saunders and Leslie Saunders.


Book review by Cari Mayhew.  Rating 9/10.


With every chapter having its own climax, this YA dystopian novel is set to be a bestseller!


I had the opportunity to read this before its official release date thanks to Amazon First Reads.  It’s set in the future in the USA.  The country is deemed overpopulated, and the country follows the Rule of One, which is that couples can only have one child.  Everyone has identity microchips implanted into their wrists, and rations of food are obtained from 3D printers.


Ava and Mira are hiding a secret.  They are identical twins, who’ve been taking turns each day to live as one person.  One day they are found out and they’re forced to go on the run!  They had been well practiced in pretending to be one person, but they were ill prepared to handle being discovered.


The plot is fraught with tension and there’s trouble at every turn.  They leave with little more than a map and a name, and face plenty of obstacles along the way.


They eventually hear rumors of a resistance, and people who can help them, and they are given new identities.  But, in turn, they are asked to help the cause directly.  Meanwhile, their father is taken into custody and tortured.  At this point, the twins no longer see eye to eye.


Some scenes are a little cliché, but the fast pace more than makes up for it.


The blurb in the description says that it’s set in the near future.  Technology-wise it could be, but not in terms of the USA becoming so overpopulated that it would need such a rule, although this was recently the case in China.


I loved this book – as I said, each chapter has its own climax, which makes it quite the page-turner!  IMO, it’s exactly as a dystopian thriller should be – a tense but light read and not all dreary.   I have already ordered the sequel, which is due to be released in 2019 – I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here!

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