Meet Me at Wisteria Cottage by Teresa F. Morgan.

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Guest book review by Lucy Bunston.

For today’s guest book review, we have opted for a question and answer format.  It seems there’s more to this book than its whimsical cover would have you believe!


What genre is it?

Meet Me At Wisteria Cottage is a romance novel with mystery added in. Teresa F. Morgan has done a brilliant job of turning a summer romance read into an intriguing journey, full of twists and turns.


How does the book start?

We begin the story by meeting the two protagonists, Maddy and Harry. Neighbors who are, at the best of times, indifferent to each-other and at the worst of times totally intolerable of each-other’s actions. It isn’t until tragedy strikes, and Maddy’s home burns down, that we see a softer side to Harry, who is quick to offer her a place to stay despite their apparent animosity.


How does the story change?

The author has done a fantastic job of delving deeper into the motivations of the characters, we are given insight into other layers of their personalities through the inclusion of difficult subjects, such as PTSD and sexual harrassment.


What was good about the book?

My favourite thing about Meet Me At Wisteria Cottage is the 3-dimensional qualities of every character you come across. Throughout the book you gain a good understanding of why the characters act the way they do and I feel this is what really elevates it from a quick summer read to an intriguing can’t-put-it-down novel.


Was there anything you didn’t like about it?  If so, what?

If anything, I didn’t like how soon it ended! Maybe we can look forward to a sequel?


Would you recommend it?

I loved Meet Me At Wisteria Cottage and would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys romance novels with extra depth.


What rating out of 10 would you give it?

I would give it a rating of 8/10!

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