Book App/Site of the Fortnight – Smashbomb

Folks, if you’re looking for reviews on movies and box sets as well as books, look no further than!

Smashbomb is a social platform that lets you research and discover new things through recommendations from your friends, experts, and influencers.  It’s a great little site, despite still being in its early (beta) stage.  It has reviews on all the latest entertainment from books to games to tech to movies to TV series.

Anyone can join in, signing up is free.  You can say your piece on products already on there, search for reviews on things you’re interested in, receive recommendations, see what’s trending.  Item pages are well set out, with ratings out of 10 and scores displayed much like reviews on Amazon.  You can make your reviews as brief or as long as you want.

You can now follow Book Blog by Cari on Smashbomb, just hop along to their site, sign up, and search for BookBlogbyCari.

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