When Hitler Took Cocaine and Lenin Lost his Brain by Giles Milton.

Book Review by Cari Mayhew.

If only all events in history could be taught this way! This is his hands down one of the most entertaining history books you’ll ever read!  The book is composed of 50 chapters depicting from lesser known points in history.  The stories are dramatic, compelling, and often shocking.  There are tales of heroism, injustice, conspiracy, and cannibalism.

Each chapter is it’s own little, well written, real-life story. And each is rounded off with a profound sentence or two to summarise.  I gained an appreciation of the role of pigeons and dogs in the war, I learned why the Dodo bird became extinct, and I discovered that it’s possible to survive 2 nuclear bombs.

Normally with non-fiction book with so many isolated sections, I’d be tempted to skip sections, but that was not the case this time – I enjoyed every single one!  I’ve noticed there are more books in the series, and I intend to read them all!

The best way to convey how well written the stories are is to leave you with an excerpt:

“There was a sickening crunch and a violent jerk. The right wing of the plane was ripped off by the mountain peak and flung backwards into the rear of the fuselage. The plane, wildly out of control, smashed into a second peak, which tore off the left wing.

Inside the cabin, the terrified passengers expected the shattered plane to plunge them to their deaths. But the plane’s crash-landing miraculously spared some of those on board. The fuselage hit a snow-covered mountain slope and slid downwards before coming to a halt in a deep drift.

As a wall of silence descended over the wreckage, the injured and groaning survivors came to their senses. They were lost in the wilds of the High Andes. But they were alive!”


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