Starved For You by Margaret Atwood.

Book Review by Cari Mayhew.

Margaret Atwood certainly has a knack for imagining novel structures of society!  In this semi-dystopian setting, civilized society is struggling, and people are encouraged to opt in to living in a prison every other month, and living as normal civilians on the alternate months.

The story is focused on couple Stan and Charmaine who reside in a nice property for a month, before handing over the residency the following month to Max and Jasmine.  On seeing a seductive note from Jasmine to Max, Stan begins to fantasize about her and determines to track Jasmine down.  A stranger’s intervention stands in the way, however, with a startling revelation!

At this point, Book 1 of the 4-Part serialization comes to an abrupt end, with a dramatic change of circumstances for the 2 couples.  There’s enough going on outside of the couples’ relationships to hint of the drama in the upcoming parts.  There’s plenty of atmosphere in the short 85 pages, and although Book 1 doesn’t end in a cliffhanger it does leave you wanting.

Since finishing Book 1, I learned that the serialization has since had a complete re-write, and the full story can now be purchased as one book, entitled “The Heart Goes Last.”  A quick scan of the new novel has shown that more description has been given as to how the dystopian circumstances came about.

I won’t be continuing with the serialization, but am sorely tempted to pick up The Heart Goes Last.

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